Meet Rich

I am blessed to have a beautiful wife and two great children - a son and a daughter. I've been with my wife since 1994, which means we've been together longer than we've been apart. Maggie is my partner and best friend and, as pharmacy manager of Walgreens, she also serves our hometown of Madison. Our children have been enrolled in Madison public schools since kindergarten, and we couldn’t be happier with their education. 

I was born and raised in Hoboken and made the "toe in the water" move to the suburbs of Rutherford and lived there for nine years. When it was time for our son to enter kindergarten we painstakingly researched schools and communities and decided that Madison was a great place to raise our family. I sure wish that someone was offering Elite Home Tours back then. It would have made finding my next hometown much easier!

My first career was in finance. I was a trader and market analyst on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), and I built a robust brokerage business. I honed many skills that serve me well as a REALTOR® today. When it comes to analysis of the current real estate market, I know which metrics are important and which ones to disregard. I've created actionable analysis for some of the best traders and funds around, and have been trusted with their personal investments and I have never lost a client.

At Elite Homes Group, I use these skills and experience to predict where our market is headed and to offer the most accurate, comprehensive Elite Home Valuation available. I have served the busiest, most demanding, high-net-worth clientele around, and consistently delivered. I have a great understanding of my client's needs and I appreciate how personal a real estate transaction is, so I am very respectful and discreet. I use clear communication and accountability to provide the Gold Star service that you should expect from an Elite Partner.

 I have been investing in real estate, from starter homes to multi-million dollar builds, for nearly 20 years and know the market and process inside and out. You can be certain that Rich, and his team at Elite Homes Group, will be a trusted resource and a valuable professional partner for all of your real estate needs.

I've told you all about me, but I'm really interested in learning about you and your family and how my team and I can help you. You can count on me.  Get Rich !

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